Build a single page brand kit to organize & share assets

With one page for each brand, everything your team, clients or suppliers need is in one place.

Example pages

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For marketing agencies — create a single ‘source of truth’ for each brand you manage.

Graphic of organizing brand assets on a page


Upload key brand files – logo formats, brand graphics, icons & images.

Graphic of collating brand assets on a page


Document brand information – color palettes, font details & styles.

Graphic of sharing a brand assets page to a team


Distribute the page – design clients, business suppliers & the media.

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Brandpage helps distributed marketing and sales teams improve organization, clarity and professionalism.

It’s been the single most helpful thing in bringing together our brand and design assets and guidance, especially across our many different products and websites.

Brandpage has done so much to bring organization and clarity to the multiple brands that our organization uses.