Display your page on your own domain

In order to display your page on a subdomain of a website you control, you need to make a CNAME change.

This sounds complicated, but actually isn’t too hard. Just follow the steps below.

You can use a subdomain of your main domain, e.g. brand.your-site.com, or a separate domain www.your-brand.com. Note that CNAMES cannot use a root domain alone, it will always need a prefix like ‘brand’ or ‘www’.

Important notes:

  • Your page will not be ‘hosted’ on, or moved to your own website in any way. This feature just allows the page to be displayed as though it was part of your website. You will still need to login at brandpage.net to edit and manage the page.
  • Be careful to not modify your existing DNS records – doing so could break your website or mail. To be on the safe side and ask your web / IT person to make this change for you.

1. Set your custom domain on Brandpage

Login to your Brandpage account and Edit the page you want to display. Set the Custom domain to whatever you want the subdomain to be. We suggest brand.yoursite.com but the choice is yours.


2.     Login to your website Control Panel

Your website hosting package should come with a Control Panel or cPanel. Each host’s panel looks slightly different – we’re using the example of Tsohost in this guide.


You need to find an option called Custom DNS, which may be under Manage Website, or something similar.



3. Add a new record

Within Custom DNS there will be an option to Add a new record. Go ahead and select this.


In the new record, you need to make the following changes:

  • Record name – set this to whatever you chose in step 1 above. e.g ‘brand’.
  • Record Type – set this to CNAME
  • Content – set this to your project’s brandpage subdomain. e.g ‘yourbrand.brandpage.net

Double check these are all correct and leave all the other options. Then make sure you add it by clicking Add or whatever confirmation button it gives you.


4. Save the DNS changes

There should be an option after that to Save changes to your DNS records. Make sure you do this step or the process may not work.


5.     Let us know

Send a quick email over to support@brandpage.net confirming your custom domain.

We’ll reply when it has been activated at our end – we’ll do this asap, typically within 24 hours.

6.     Check it’s working

Test your page in a browser by visiting brand.yoursite.com or whatever you chose.

If it doesn’t work, it may take up to 24 hours to appear on your website, due to DNS caching by your ISP.

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