DeVries Design & Landscape

Get the clarity and confidence you need to design and build a backyard you’ll love.


DeVries Green

RGB 111, 136, 6
CMYK 60, 29, 100, 11

DeVries Brown

RGB 33, 25, 24
CMYK 69, 61, 75, 75

Accent Green

RGB 192, 214, 41
CMYK 30, 1, 100, 0

DeVries Black

RGB 1, 0, 0
CMYK 74, 68, 67, 90


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Cabin is available free on Google Fonts and should be used for all text in branded materials.

Heading fonts should be in a larger size or darker brand color so they pop, body text should be in lighter colors or smaller text. This helps to guide the viewer's eye down the page.

Uppercase text should be used sparingly in regular weight for brief subhead text (5 words or fewer) and should never be used in body paragraphs. Uppercase text should be similar to body text in size or only slightly larger.