Answers to our most common questions.

Will my pages be publicly visible?

This depends on your account type. With a Free account your page will be indexed by Google (it will show up in searches eventually) and we may put it in our Gallery. With a Pro account you can stop your pages being indexed by Google (so they won’t show up in searches), opt out of our Gallery, and you can password your page.

Won’t anyone be able to download and use my logos or files?

Yes, in theory. But you have to remember it’s often better to make official artwork available than to hide it, as people will just find other ways (unofficial / recreated artwork) if they really want to use your logo somewhere. If you’re really concerned, you can password your page with a Pro account.

What kind of files can I upload? 

The Files section is a way of displaying links to important brand asset files, such as logos, images, icons, internal document templates, PDF brand guides, and so on. It is not suitable for adding all the design files related to a project, such as multiple large PSD files. We may ask you to delete files if we feel you are uploading over and above ‘reasonable use’.

Our supported file types are: ai, bmp, doc, docx, dotx, eps, gif, html, ico, indd, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, potx, pxm, psd, sketch, svg, svgz, tif, tiff, txt, xls, xlsx. If there is a file type you would like us to support please get in touch to request it.

Is there a free option?

Unfortunately not. However, there is a 30 day free trial and we’ve made our Basic plan very low-cost. 

I need something more custom, can you help?

Yes. If you would like a more customised approach than our plans offer, please get in touch to discuss a bespoke set up. This could especially be useful to branding agencies wanting to set up large numbers of pages and integrate with their own website.

Can you help me set up my page?

Of course. We offer this service if you wish and it can cost from £60 (about USD$75) and upwards, depending on your circumstances. Please get in touch to discuss this.

Can I suggest some ideas for features?

Yes, we always want to hear new ideas and feedback. Just email us and we’ll take a look.