Display and share key brand assets with your team from a single web page

No coding required.

Basic plan features

Asset library

Build a visual asset library on a central web page, so your team won’t lose track of the latest brand files they should be using.

Colour palette

Build a visual brand colour palette displaying CMYK, RGB, Hex and Pantone references so they’re handy and accessible to everyone.

Font information

List the fonts, weights and styles used in your brand, for complete clarity. Add links so your team can download everything they need.

Examples gallery

Show examples of your brand in action, so your team have a visual reference of how the elements combine successfully.

Premium plan features

Add privacy

With a Premium account you can tell Google not to index a page, so it won’t show up in search results for the brand name. You can also restrict access to a page with a password.

Unlimited pages

If you manage more than one brand, a Premium account gives you the option to make unlimited pages. We can even make a handy overview page for you, that links to them all.

Brandpage has done so much to bring organization and clarity to the multiple brands that our organization uses.