10 must-have assets for a strong brand identity

We all know that developing a comprehensive set of brand assets will strengthen a brand. But which brand assets should you include?

Let’s explore 10 assets that we think are must-haves:

1. The logo

This one goes without saying. A logo is somewhat the cornerstone of a brand identity, and if well-designed it can evoke the right emotions, build recognition and make a lasting impression. 

2. Tagline or slogan

Developing a short, catchy phrase that encapsulates a brand’s essence and value proposition isn’t always essential, but can bring benefits. It should be memorable and convey the brand’s unique selling proposition or key message.

Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” has got to be one of the most famous, which encapsulates the brand’s spirit of determination, motivation, and athletic performance.

3. Colour palette

Having a distinct colour palette for a brand is important for creating visual consistency, and evoking emotions. The psychology can play a significant role in shaping consumer perceptions and influence how a brand is perceived.

Coca-Cola has famously built their brand around their vibrant red palette, which symbolises energy and excitement.

4. Typography

The fonts and typefaces used in your brand will also convey a brand’s personality, and contribute to visual consistency. Choose fonts that align with the brand values and reflect the tone you want to convey.

Luxury brand Chanel reflects its sophisticated and timeless image through the elegant and refined typography it uses.

5. Voice and tone

While not really an asset as such, defining a brand’s voice and tone will still help its strength. Consistency in the use of language, tone, and messaging across all touch points helps establish a coherent and recognisable personality.

Whether the brand voice is friendly, authoritative, playful, or professional, it should be consistent with the target audience and brand positioning.

6. Graphics and imagery

Icons, patterns, or textures, can add depth and visual interest. They should be unique and align with the brand’s personality and aesthetics.

You can also use carefully curated and high-quality imagery, such as photographs or illustrations, to enhance brand storytelling and create an emotional connection with an audience.

7. Digital presence

A strong online presence is vital. A website serves as a digital storefront and a hub for information. It should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and consistent with the brand identity. The design of your website should use the other brand assets, to create a cohesive experience.

8. Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines provide a set of rules and instructions on how to use your brand assets consistently. They ensure that all stakeholders, both internal and external, understand and adhere to your brand’s visual and verbal standards.

Brand guidelines typically include specifications on logo usage, colour codes, typography guidelines, and examples of correct and incorrect asset usage.

9. Social media images

Social media platforms are powerful tools for brand communication and engagement. To maintain consistency across channels, create social media assets that align with your brand identity. These assets may include profile pictures, cover photos, templates for posts and stories, and branded graphics. By incorporating your brand assets into your social media presence, you reinforce brand recognition and create a unified brand experience.

10. Packaging and product design

If you offer physical products, packaging and product design are critical brand assets too. Their design should align with the brand’s visual identity, convey the product’s value, and differentiate it from competitors.

Apple’s product packaging for example, with its minimalist design and attention to detail, shows how packaging can contribute to a premium brand experience.

By investing the time in creating and utilising all these assets, you can establish a solid brand identity that’s impactful, flexible and hopefully long-lasting.

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