Sustainable Transport Midlands

The UK-based not-for-profit campaigning for more environmentally sustainable public transport in the Midlands.

Our brand information and resources are located here.

For more information about Sustainable Transport Midlands, please visit our website on the following link:


Pure Black

RGB 0, 0, 0

Pure White

RGB 255, 255, 255

Midlands Red

RGB 251, 18, 126

Midlands Blue

RGB 2, 158, 254

Midlands Purple

RGB 143, 91, 145


Core Brand

Sustainable Transport Midlands Logo
Sustainable Transport Midlands Icon
Daventry Parkway Project logo


One of our whitepapers showcasing the Sustainable Transport Midlands logo
An example internal report showcasing the Sustainable Transport Midlands logo
An example of our ModernDesign Pro design language, currently active on one of our sites
An example of our ModernDesign Lite design language, currently active on three of our sites



Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold,    Link

Inter is our primary font. We use it for almost everything and anything we can, with a few exceptions. Use it for the following:

- Our online websites when Manrope isn't available or appropriate, and on ModernDesign Compact sites.
- Our logos, and when creating new logos.
- On social media posts.
- On economic analyses, project reports, and research papers

If Inter isn't able to be used for the above tasks, use DM Sans.


Regular, Bold    Link

Manrope is our default font for our new ModernDesign Pro and Lite design language based websites, such as Sustainable Transport Midlands, Daventry Parkway Project, and South Northants Link.

This is an internal-only font. Do not use this font within STM without confirmation from Digital Service first.

DM Sans

Regular, Bold    Link

DM Sans is the newest member to our design system, and we use it for everything Inter doesn't cover, such as:

- On mini-reports and meeting notes
- On meeting agendas
- On certain online websites, where Inter or Manrope cannot be used, and where Open Sans should not be used.

If Inter or DM Sans isn't available to use for the following tasks, use Open Sans.

Open Sans

Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold    Link

Open Sans is our Backup font. It's used when Inter and DM Sans aren't available, and also for the following:

- A tertiary font for social media posts.
- Certain mini-reports and meeting notes/agenda's.
- Gitbook instances.